My phone got stolen in Colombia

And I didn’t have iCloud. So I lost most of the pictures from that trip, as well as other earlier trips, including a brief hop into Asia and, most importantly, a month long jaunt around Europe that absolutely changed my life. It was really tough for me, because an enormous part of my personal identity revolves around being a world traveler and international person  —someone who crosses borders, languages, and cultures to experience as much as he can, and who cares and thinks about all people, not just those in his backyard.

So, with some well-timed advice from a Brandcenter professor, I decided to recreate all those moments that I had lost with the help of the AI image generator Midjourney. Some of the pictures are a little funky and some of them aren’t exactly how I remember them, but what they all do is remind me of what it felt like to be there. I’m happy to have them back.