In perfectly stereotypical fashion, there are six Anthonys in my Italian extended family. But only one of them was born and raised in Denver and, from a very early age, found himself straddling cultural boundaries to an extent that very few others would.

    My first loves were alternate worlds; immersive videogames or expansive fantasy novels interspersed with encyclopedias of ancient history and heated games of strategy played with my father. But every time I stepped out my door to go to school it was the big city. Corner stores and block parties, kids on street bikes and skateboards cruising by with backpack speakers playing Young Money Music. During lunch I hung out behind the convenience store with kids who talked about growing weed out of their closets, but when that bell rang it was back inside for AP classes and Speech and Debate finals. At the end of the day I hopped on city bus 15 and scribbled media theories in my notebooks, or just stared out the windows, Lupe Fiasco coming through my black Skullcandy headphones.

    College in sunny San Diego introduced me to kids whose parents had vacation homes in Malibu and didn’t know how to cook because their housekeepers had always done it for them. I picked up surfing and owned some pastel shorts before transferring to University of Colorado Boulder to finish out my degree among the granola kids, noveau-trustafarians, and snowsports enthusiasts. And now I’m at VCU Brandcenter, working hard to make myself into the best strategist I can be, but never missing the opportunity to hop on a plane and head to parts unknown.

    Along the way I picked up an interest in pretty much anything you can think of. Geopolitics, esports, haute couture, arabic fiction, cryptocurrency, NFL football, Russian aesthetic Instagram video accounts, and a whole lot of other stuff.

    The point of this overly long backstory is that, when people ask me what I’m About, the only true answer I can give is: Everything. I’m about it all, and I use that quality to reach across ages, spaces, cultures, and timeframes in search of understanding. I’ve spent my whole life crossing barriers, and as a strategist I use that background to find the threads of commonality that connect us all.