This is the T5 social garden, its summertime event space and communal area where guests can hang out, work, socialize, and play games like giant chess, ping pong, and various boardgames. There’s also an outdoor bar and a grill that we use for the monthly community potlucks.

The first time I walked in, they were right in the middle of trivia and there were about 70 people in the garden furiously competing to try and correctly idenfity the song that was blaring out of the speakers spread around the outdoor area. 

It was a hell of an introduction to the place that I would end up spending the bulk of my free time in, but eventually I came to grips with its chaos. Some of the best memories of my trip were made in this space, whether that be events as exciting as a community-wide paper dodgeball game, or as simple as just sitting around the picnic tables with my friends, joking around, smoking cigarettes, and killing time.