Project 6

Ticketmaster - How I  Build

A peek into exactly just how much I love whiteboards (virtual or otherwise)

A few weeks ago I hopped on one of my friend’s independent study projects as a strategic consultant. The client is Ticketmaster and their ask was simple: “Find a way to build a community around our brand.”

A bunch of research and a few brainstorm sessions later, we had a lot of data and some really cool ideas, but hadn’t shaped any of it into one coherent, overarching document that outlined the structure and content of what we were building. So, freshly caffeinated and with European progressive house coming through my headphones, I stood in front of a whiteboard for 2 hours and built that document.

This is how it went.


Here’s what it looked like on the whiteboard


It needed a more permanent and shareable home, so I moved it to paper (please excuse the mismatched colors, I didn’t have access to orange or red pens for Part 2):


And here’s what it looked like after the Experience Designer I worked with ported it onto Figma

One of the three or so working environments that I’m happiest in is blue-sky building strategy in an empty room, with plenty of coffee and a good soundtrack. The above work is what tends to result.

This work powered the core strategy and communcations direction of a new brand reposition that we named Ticketmaster Pulse


Comms Plan