Project 2

Glossier - Brand Essence

The Problem to Solve:
Glossier was once a cult staple in the beauty world, but a storm of controversies, pandemic-forced store closures, and new entrants has knocked the once-DTC darling off of its pedestal. So, what can this beauty brand do to get it back on top? 

Evolving with the Times:
The thing that made Glossier stand out from its competitors in 2015 was its community. Motivated by a popular blog, meetups and forums, and a true sense of belonging, the “Glossier Girls” were effectively an army of earned media for the brand. But as the years went on Glossier began to neglect its most loyal fans, and other beauty brands took inspiration from Glossier and created their own devoted fanbases. In 2022, it’s not enough to just have a community, you need a community that stands for something real —something unique and aspirational that defines the soul of the brand itself.

Creating Something Magical:
That soul I mentioned is what our team began calling “the perfect candid” moment. It’s that moment when you are both at your most beautiful and most real; the stray flyaway drifting across the temple, the recklessly big smile at a silly joke, the feeling of waking up from an afternoon nap, sheer curtains lightly swaying in the open window, sun glancing off the dewy face.

But how can we communicate a feeling that deep and difficult to describe without losing its emotional power?

Well, we make a video