This is Lilou. She’s from a city in France called Nantes, and we met at a hostel in Vilnius and became great friends. Her English wasn't great (although she's getting better!), so we did a lot of communicating through facial expressions and body language, which was a first for me but ended up being almost as good as just speaking normally. And it also forces you to get very creative with how you're communicating ideas, expressing preferences, or asking questions.

We did day trips together, and developed a ritual of buying bread, cheese, meat, and fruit at local markets to pack for our lunches. She also had a DSLR camera with her, so we were able to take some great photos.

We ended up parting ways in Latvia, but three months later I visited her in her hometown. It’s not often that you see a travel friend again, but it happens every once in a while, and the reunion is always sweet.

The first picture is of us eating tomatoes on the floor of a train on the way to a Latvian beach, and the second was taken at a Christmas market in Nantes, three months later.