People of Romania
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This is Andreea, my first local Romanian friend. She’s a singer, artist, and Bucharest native who was instrumental in showing me her country and explaining how it works.

It may be tempting for us, as Westerners and Americans, to generalize places like Eastern Europe (places that don’t “look” foreign) as the same as us. But that assumption could not be farther from the truth. The reailty is that even if a culture looks like ours, it’s still different in a thousand ways, big and small, obvious and subliminal.

Without Andreea, it would’ve taken me much longer to understand how the Romanian people think about their friends and relationships, what they value in people, and how they interact socially. And for that, as well as her loving friendship and the ways in which she let me into her everyday life, I am eternally grateful. 

The last picture is her little sister, Lucia, teaching me the Romanian word for mushrooms (ciuperci)